x10 cm11a PLC 2000SHL question

I have a CM11A I use with the software it came with from X10.
I recently purchased a PLC 2000SHL lamp module to get the 9 minute fade
on rate. Unfortunately I need to be able to send extended codes to
program it.
It mentions I can use the maxi controller (I think that is what it is
All I have are mini controllers and a CM11A. I assume I can use the
CM11A to do it. Does anybody know how? Surely someone has programmed
the extended codes on this before and can share how they did it. I'd
rather not have to compile my own program just to send a few X10 codes
to the 2000SHL once to program it.
Thanks in advance
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I cannot find a manual for a "PLC 2000SHL" so I'm not sure how you set it. I don't think any of the 2000* modules respond to extended commands (64 level dim). Could you be confusing this with preset dim commands (32 level dim)? Most of the SmartHome modules respond to preset dim.
For a 9 min fade rate, the 2000STW manual says to turn on the lamp module from any controller, dim it to 0%, and tap the set button twice. You only need to send preset dim commands if you want to set it remotely.
You can send commands with the CM11A using its communications bridge and the command line but I don't think they define a way to send preset dim. See the X10COMM.HLP file which should be in the folder where you installed ActiveHome.
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Dave Houston
Thanks for the response!
I googled 2000sls_web.pdf and it sent me to
formatting link
on page 4 it mentions "The Fade-On/Off is adjustable from .1 seconds to nine minutes. The factory default is about three seconds. It may be changed at the module or remotely. (See Advanced Primary Address programming for instructions on REMOTELY setting the Fade-On/Off Rate.) At the module, the Fade-On/Off: Adjustable from .1 to nine seconds:...
Further on down on page 5 under the Advanced primary Address Programming it mentions the following The LampLinc's Fade-On/Off rate and Default On-Level can be remotely set using a ControlLinc Duo (Smarthome #4071), a Maxi-Controller (#4020) or an equivalent transmitter capable of sending Housecode and Unit Code without ON or OFF. These procedures and all the following ones will not work with a transmitter that sends the address with a command. Transmitters in which one button is pressed to turn on or off a load will not work. ..... (and here is the table that can be used to program it up to 540 seconds.)
So, with the following
formatting link
for the CM11A I assume someone has created a simple program to send the commands to these modules to program them that way.
I'll try again to program it using the button and 0% bright but it seems like that would only give me a few seconds.
Thanks again
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Sorry. I read that too quickly.
If your email address will allow you to receive a 2.7MB attachment I can send you a standalone application created with REALbasic that demonstrates most of the CM11A protocol (no EEPROM functions) that can send the commands you need.
However, the manual you found also says "(Alternatively, send BRIGHT or DIM signals to change the lamp's brightness to a comparable level.)". But you still need a way to send just addresses to lock it in. I don't recall whether you can just send addresses via the CM11A command line.
"aut>Thanks for the response!
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Dave Houston
Thanks Dave, hmjunk31415 at hotmail dot com
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