Anybody using a Pepper Pad...?

Hi gang!

I was looking for PocketPC software when I stumbled onto this:

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The Pepper Pad looks pretty slick...

The press release dated 1/3/06 they announced their Pepper Pad Plus, due in Q2...


If the extra features of the Plus don't interest you, buy the regular Pepper Pad this month and receive a $50 rebate.

They're at CES now, in Vegas. Booth #35847.

The Plus will also feature VoIP abilities using SIP...

This device has it all!

The Pepper Pad sells for $850. The three vendors from whom you can buy it (Amazon, Best Buy, and eCost) do not seem to discount. Price fixing?

I checked eBay. Shocked to see about 10 of 'em sold with Buy-It-Now for $100 each! My goodness!! Then I see the seller is in China. Sold 'em all on 12/24. Nobody has left feedback - good or bad. I suspect a scam, and soon there will be a flood of bad comments 'cause the seller didn't deliver. Thats MY guess...

I'm waiting for the Plus...

What do you guys think of THIS product?

Jack ;-)

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Jack Edin
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I think it's spam.

I might have bought one if it fulfilled a need. However, since you advertised it via this ancient spam technique, I won't even consider it.

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Robert L Bass


What exactly tipped you off...?

Because you are W-R-O-N-G...!

As the author of the so-called-SPAM, I am offended!

It was a simple enough question, and NO it was not a plug.

Mister B@ss is a reseller. He isn't the only one...

I have indeed contacted the company about becoming a dealer.

I did so after, not before, asking this group for input.

[If you just dropped into the middle of this, I asked the group if anybody had experience with a mobile pad PC product I discovered by accident at
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The thing is taylor made for HA use, and kicks Audry's butt in every way. In Q2 the Plus version will be even better. (They'll upgrade old units as close as they can to cost, I was told.)

My friend Bill, and uncle Neil both attended CES last week - on behalf of their (different) employers. Both were asked by me to go to the Pepper booth and get a hands-on. Nope! Neither one was able to get that done for me.

And this group thinks my question was some sort of ploy to drive traffic to their site! Well mister B@ss says HE does...

Don't be an @ss, Mister B@ss...!

Since I can't see one in a store before I buy, I asked high and low for somebody's opinion. Not to be had...

My order for 1 unit will probably be shipped out this week. I expect I'll have it in hand before the weekend, but more likely the following week.

I expect I'll like it, and I might come back here and tell the group about it.

I may be setup as a reseller by then, so to do so WOULD be selling... And then you might have something to complain about.

The 3 online sources seem to hold their prices to the list of $850. Or pretty near.

I was thinking I could bring some savings to the group, and offer them here.

I doubt it will happen, however, as the profit margin is minimal. Even at quantities of 100+ the wholesale price is only about $100 less than MSRP.

I expect everyone's favorite, mister B@ss, will be in contact with Pepper himself, come Monday...

Why not? It is a really cool product.

Don't go look!!!

And thanks, everybody, uhhh...


I'm not sure how to finish that statement.


Jack :)

Robert L Bass wrote:

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Jack Edin

Don't sweat it Jack. I'd certainly be interested in hearing about your experience with the product (good or bad).

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Frank Olson

It was just a wild guess plus the fact you used the dinosaur line, "I stumbled on this..." that gave the first indication.

Gee! Who would've thought? Let's see if I have this right. You "stumbled" upon this great widget, immediately spa... er, posted about your lucky find in multiple newsgroups, and then (will wonders never cease?) became a dealer.

Su-u-ure. Can I interest you in a nice bridge?

Ah, so *that's* how you "stumbled" onto this awesome widget? Your dear, old uncle Neil and your lifetime buddy, Bill. Why didn't you say that in the first place? If I had known that Uncle Neil and pal, Bill were involved... :^)

Umm, this is a newsgroup, a piece of cyberspace. It doesn't think. It doesn't have an opinion any more than a cork bulletin board in the entrance of your local market "likes" various ads for useless weight loss pills posted thereon.

You missed their booth at the CES show? What a shame! It's fortunate you've decided to become a dealer of this widget (which you've not yet seen / stumbled upon / been sent to fetch by Uncle Neil and friend Bill. If not for that, you might have to wait for some spammer to post accolades about it to "stumble" upon more details.

Best of luck with it. Do be sure to keep us posted on it, as well as any other widgets you trip over in your travels.

Really? I'll wait with baited breath.

By the time you receive your first unit? Such alacrity!

I have nothing against selling online. I also have no problem with folks hawking their wares as long as the posts are on topic. I don't appreciate phony gimmicks, like "Look what I 'stumbled' upon!"

If you'd just come right out and say, "PR: My company now offers the following widget" and then say why you believe it's useful to home automators, etc., I'd have no objection at all. You'll find if you take the trouble to look that I tend to support other merchants whose tactics are (IMO) above board and whose products are (also IMO) useful to automators. I don't say this in my defense but as an encouragement for you to modify your approach. You'll find it will nbet you more business and less ridicule.

Not likely. I have enough widgets of my own to hawk and this one's not compatible with my business model. :^)

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Robert L Bass

Mister B@ss, you are entitled to your opinion.

Even if you're completely wrong.

Being wrong is not new for you, and I now have a pretty good idea why everybody up here has a low opinion of you.

I once visited your website, and asked a question using your form. No reply.

I like how B@ss rhymes with @ss, because in my opinion thats what you are.

I honestly DID "Stumble" upon this. I asked high and low, nobody else had an opinion... so I'm forced to buy one to get a hands-on.

I stated that the profit margin is too low, and I probably would NOT try to sell them here - as I know that do it yourselfers are bargain conscious, etc.

The $50 rebate is probably the best offer around.

If one of the three online resellers DOES have a sale, the combined savings will far exceed the margins given to resellers.

So go crawl back under your rock, and forget you even heard my name.

And my apologies to everybody in Usenet, but I had to let this buttmunch have it. I'd like to say more...

Have a nice day everybody, except YOU mister B@ss!

Jack ;-)

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Jack Edin

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