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The only ones I've ever seen were intended for telcos and cable companies, and cost big bucks. I try to setup my wall plate numbering system so that the wall plate number includes all that information.

Say I have a college campus. A wall plate number would be something like this. 28-B-47 Meaning it is the 47th wall jack in the basement of building 28. If I need the exact physical location, then I pull out a the as-builts.


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Dale Farmer
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(First of all, sorry if this is OT, if so, could you please give me a hint in which group this question belongs?)

Like most companies, we have a lot of switches, patch-panels and cables. Now we are looking for some software (preferably (speech-)free, web-based) to inventorize those things, i.e. I want to store information like "Wall panel E14 is connected to Patch panel 3 (which is in Serverroom 2), port 14, which in turn is connected to Port 5 of Switch 10" (and of course then generate some reports, like a list of all wall panels and the switches they are connected to, or a list of all panels which are n/c, et c.)

I guess there is some software for doing this out there, but I'm just too stupid to google for it :)

Any hints?


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Martin Schuster

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