A call to HA vendors (for a presentation I'm doing)

I'm hoping to do a general HA presentation (not just Linux) for the Trenton Computer Festival in April

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One of the organizers has expressed an interest in my presentation but I don't have a confirmation with them yet. I do have a confirmation to present to a Linux user groups (February) and a PC users group in Princeton (date: ???). Also one Linux User's group in LA (I'll be doing it via remote probably in January). The presentation is already up to 120 slides and needs more information and I'll need to trim it. I'm trying to be thorough!

I'm looking for information from the vendors. That right folks, I'm asking for your marketing and sales info to be emailed to me at either of the two addresses in the message (I must be out of my mind). I want to be able to cover a little bit of everything, Mac, Windows, Linux, hardware like the ELK system and even things like Lutron-RA and Crestron. just remember that your not going to make a sale directly from me but I can forward contact information to people who will ask me. Eventually the entire presentation will be posted to my web site to share with others so don't give me proprietary information.

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