Zone Alarm - new vesrion takes a long time to load

I have been using Zone Alarm (the free version) for years and am generally very happy with it.

However, recent versions seem to have taken an increasingly long time to load. Indeed the very latest version 7.0.302.000 - a huge download compared with previous ones - seems to have added yet another 15-30 seconds to my computer's boot time.

Can anyone please recommend another freeware firewall which provides just as good protection and yet won't slow things up so much?


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Victor Delta
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I switched to Comodo. Works OK and give more detail control than ZA.

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Lars-Erik Østerud

You should try NIS 2007, it's added 3 minutes to my boot time... Time for a change!

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I too have switched to Comodo (free) their webpage can be found at

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Replace NOSPAM with ntlworld to reply

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Peter Rogers

Thanks for the helpful responses. I have joined the Comodo club, of which I have seen good reports elsewhere as well, and so far all seems to be going well and with some performance improvement too :-)

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