zonealarm sometimes block DNS?

I have DSL, a linksys router/firewall, and then windowsXP with zonealarm.

Right after powering up my PC, I can use internet just fine.

After a few hours of inactivity, sometimes internet stops working. Got timeout no matter what web site I visit. However, if I type in an IP address instead of URL, the browser works fine. In other words, DNS problem.

I found three solutions:

(1) use command prompt and execute "ipconfig /renew"

(2) turn off zone alarm

(3) go into zone alarm's firewall setting -> advance, and check "Allow outgoing DNS/DHCP in internet zone on high setting".

Could someone explain what is going on? Especially, why would it work for a while, and then stop working?

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I copied this from the ZoneLabs User Forums.

I have posted information from ZoneLabs in reference to internet connection issues.

ISP SERVERS In some cases your local network or Internet service provider may use certain servers or other devices which will require less restrictive access. These may include:

DNS servers - Add the IP address(es) to your Trusted Zone DHCP servers- Add the IP address(es) to your Trusted Zone Local routers or ISDN modems Click START, RUN, type in cmd and then enter IPconfig/all to retrieve your DNS and DHCP servers so you can add them to the Trusted Zone.

Regards, NNard

ZoneAlarm Pro 6.5.737.000 Ewido 4.0 NOD32 2.51

Hope it works. If it doesn't, click on the Forums link inside the ZoneAlarm Interface, Help file, usually has one.

charlie R

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