Zone Alarm Won't Quit

Win 2000 seems to have trouble shutting down Zone Alarm Pro Version 6.5. I am ending up with lots of abandoned files in my Win/Temp folder.

Is there a solution that doesn't involve buying new software?


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Lenny Abbey
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Lenny, it's been my experience that ZAP normally leaves 0KB temp files = in Win/TEMP folder. When ZAP glitches, it creates a .tmp file in the = Internet Logs folder in Windows. Also, a tvdebug.tmp folder in the = Internet Logs folder. When they get too large, I delete them after = shutting down ZAP. The 0KB files can be deleted with ZAP Cache Cleaner = if you check temp files. I'm using 4.5.594, but it's probably the same = in those respects.

charlie R

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