Zone Alarm Blues

Well I guess I have to join the ranks of those with Zone Alarm woes. Several weeks ago I installed an update of Zone Alarm. The version was later than the one that was trashed on this newsgroup so I thought everything would work. It did, for awhile. For the last two weeks I have had no end to what I thought were hardware problems in a previously perfectly running machine. The biggest problem was this machine got real slow and cranky every time I shut it down. It would take forever and sometimes give me nasty "breakpoint exception" error messages. Through trial and error, things narrowed down to Zone Alarm. I deleted it and Windows Defender. I am now running Windows Firewall and trusting my router. I also installed Spybot which found 53 nasty little things that Windows Defender missed. I have run Zone Alarm for years with no problem until now. For me, Zone Alarm is history.

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