where is my external dns ?

sorry for asking such a stupid question.

may i know where is my external dns ? is it refer to my local dns server or the gateway ? my config is that w2k pdc is also a dns/dhcp server, previouisly all internet connection connect to firewall and router (gateway).

but now we bypass the router and connet directly to MUX. so where do i go and check the external dns record ?

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External simply means anything outside of your LAN controlled environment.

Often, people (wrongly) use External and Internal when they really mean Public and Private. That's just a fact of life. Something you should know. You have to read "in context".

Typically, your "gateway" would provide either the "External" (outside your LAN) resolution functionality itself, or, at least provide a path to where it could be found (typically your ISP name server assignments - for public Internet stuff).

As far as where you would look for your external DNS... (assuming you mean public here), look to your ISP and/or router DNS config.


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External (or public) name resolution can be anything from a service on the router/gateway (BAD idea) to a dedicated server in a DMZ to ISP- hosted records.


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