cisco 1800 / netgear fvs318

We had an FVS318 behind a Cisco 1605 and it worked fine. A few days back, we fired up a new Cisco 1800 on a new T1, moved the Netgear over, and now I can't get my vpn tunnels to talk. The new T1 is on the same network we switched all our buildings over to, and the Netgears work fine at other locations on Cisco 1600 and 2600's.

I can get out from the Netgear to the outside world, I can access the remote management, but I just can't seem to get past that. Nothing - except the wan side IP - has changed.

Of course, our "Cisco certified blah blah" vendor who installed the router blames the Netgear boxes - calls em a piece of fecal matter. Doesn't matter that they've been in and working for years with no trouble at all.

It's probably something our $120 an hour "network engineer" missed... something simple. At least I hope :)


Thanks in advance Dave

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