USB connection for firewall machine

I've got a couple of oldish computers, a 256 MB iMac LCD and a Toshiba laptop with 768 MB RAM but no hard disc. Both have only one ethernet connector but several USB (and firewire) connectors. I use a cable modem with ethernet normally, but it also has a USB connection.

Is it possible to use either machine as the basis for a firewall by connecting one of them ot the cable modem via USB then outputting to the main computer via the ethernet?

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Hmm laptops as a firewall? I would say no, slow hard-drives, one eth port (usb is slooow).. i got myself an old rackmount compaq for a firewall cost me a 100$ and its got a fast scsi drive array, dual cpus and depsite its age it can handle as much ram as todays desktops can.


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