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Hi, I have a chat client that I would like to use on my University computers but it wont connect to the Network. The Client is mIRC and Id like to use it for a Networking Lesson does anyone have any ideas how I can by-pass the Firewall to connect to the network please?

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Vixen x

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Contact the Univ I.T. department and ask them to expose the internal network for you.

There are other clients available - you could use one of the desktop sharing solutions where users can SEE your computers desktop and also use a conference number to allow LOTS of users to share a session.

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Port-Forwarding with SSH? not sure it is possible. Or,

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is an alternative and very safe.


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or Jabber like using

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Very cool for safe chat. You can share a camera, a white dashboard etc.

JL (sorry for spam-like)

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