TZ170 Gateway Antivirus

PCs behind the TZ170 get infected emails that are blocked by SAV, but not by the firewall. If I email them the eicar files from home, the firewall blocks the emails completely, and logs it, but Beagle and other real viruses get all the way to the PC.

Is Sonicwall antivirus that limited? Beagle has been around a while.

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Tom Del Rosso
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Yes, Sonicwall use an "in the wild list". So its not a complete list. As you go up the product range you get a fuller list (but none are complete).

The disadvantage of this is some virus's may get through.

The advantage is that it doesn't hurt firewall throughput to badly. I've had some bad experiences with a Netscreen 5GT where the AV killed the unit during heavy throughput, its a nice box, but they went the total AV signature way.

In *theory* Sonicwall make sure the signatures are the current stuff in the wild. You may want to check you signatures are updating as I have seen them "jam" in the past.

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