Palladium virus - fake Palladium Pro antivirus software alert

Palladium Antivirus also known as PalladiumAntivirus is a fake computer protection software. It belongs to rogue viruses familly. Rogue antivirus programs are scam but they claim to be a powerful computer protection tool. Palladium Antivirus is similar to the fake Antivirus Action or Security Tool virus.

Palladium Antivirus gets installed on a computer automatically and the installation of this bogus software is done under invisibly. All this process is done by trojans and malwares that drop and install the fake Palladium Antivirus onto a computer. After completing installation, Palladium Antivirus starts to display annoying popup messages on user screen. These popups are fake warnings and alerts telling the user about viruses detected on computer by Palladium Antivirus. These warning messages tell the user that your computer is infected with spywares. This is the tactic of Palladium Antivirus to scare user and ask the user to pay the license fee of Palladium Antivirus to get rid of these viruses. DO NOT TRUST Palladium Antivirus and never buy it as it is a scam program and it dose not remove viruses from computers.

To get rid of Palladium virus, install an anti malware program or you can even remove it by doing the manual removal steps. i.e deleteing its registry components, dll files, and blocking its processes from running.

Happy virus free computing Palladium pro virus - manual removal instructions

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Removal tools (or instructions for manual removal) are no solution to an infection, particularly not with malware that may download more malware or may give an attacker remote access. One can never be sure what else was modified on the system and thus can never be certain that the malware was removed entirely.


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