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I recently read that turning off the computer is a good way to prevent virus and hacker attacks. I think it was said that the reason for this is that the server assigns a new ip address each time you reconnect.

Is there any validity to this?

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*selah* wrote on Thu, 20 Oct 2005 05:32:34 -0400:

Many ISPs use "sticky" DHCP assignment - you often get the same IP you had before. At the very least you'll get one in the same IP block, and many worms attack entire blocks rather than specific IPs (or will hit random addresses within a range). Also, there's nothing preventing your ISP assigning you an IP that was already the target of an earlier attack when it was assigned to someone else who has now released it/turned their PC off.

Turning the PC off is a good way to prevent virus and hacker attacks from the point of view that if the machine isn't on, there's nothing to attack!


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1) Getting a different IP address is just another form of Security By Obscurity. 2) The bad guys don't maintain a fixed database of available IP addresses - they just scan whenever they need, and work from what's current. 3) You can be infected in seconds - watch the BBC video. How often do you intend to change your address?
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"*selah*" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@news2.newsguy.com:

If you're using a dial-up, you will get a different IP each time. If you're on BB I don't know about DSL you'll get the same IP back even if you turn the computer off for short periods due the ISP assigning an IP to a computer's NIC (Network Interface Card) MAC through the DHCP server at the ISP with your account that has been provisioned with the ISP. You would have to leave the machine off for some days for a new IP to be assigned or not pay the bill for awhile and then pay it. At least that was my experience with it on BB.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

I've managed to never get my broadband disconnected due to non-payment... I always considered the internet more essential than my cell phone. ;)

BUT, I have had the same IP address on Roadrunner for almost a year now, and that included periods where I was on vacation and the system was shut down for 5-7 days. Also numberous cable modem reboots.

Prior to that though, there were several times in a year where the IP address would spontaneously change, WHILE my system was running.

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Ryan P.

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