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We just added a new show to our online radio station that has SURGED in popularity. The Rockin' Chuckie Show is perhaps the biggest hit we have added to our programming lineup. And there are people sneaking on from work to listen to this guy. I have heard of people using every method they can think of to listen to this guy's show of mostly upbeat and rockin tunes, and be able to hide it from the boss that they are listening to the new program. People just love be able to listen to this guy's show while at work. It makes the workday go faster for a lot of people. Our listeners just LOVE this guy. He is a wacky and welcome addition to our programming lineup. I know of people ordering business-level cable modem service from Cox, Comcast, RoadRunner, Optus, BT, Rogers, etc, etc, and creating encrypted tunnels through their very expensive services. Becuase the traffic in enrypted, network admins have no CLUE that anyone on the office is listening to this guy. If this guy's show really does catch on, it will be admins worst nightmare come to life, on any day the show is scheduled during the working hours, for any admins to even attempt to stop people from listening to this guy's really rockin radio show on our network. So you see, we are not all figure skating, we have branched out to sports, talk, music, and politics. In fact, I expect that when we switch over to coverage from the elections in America, in a couple of hours that network admins in Alaska and Hawaii, where it will still be working hours, as polls close back east, will be playing "whack a mole" the rest of the afternoon trying to stop people from tuning in to our election coverage.

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Puullease!!! Enough of the advertising spam. This is getting really boring.

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