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I am new to firewalls; I have a Sonicwall P200 and I want to create a rule for allowing access to this address: http://: We need to access a clients demo of a product. How do I create a rule for this? I know you go into sonicwall > Rules > Add Rule but what do you put in the fields and where to you add the port? Thanks all is appreciated.

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There is a discussion borad there for this sort of thing.

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I am a Sock Puppet

Create a custom service for the TCP service using the port number.

Then, if you wish the IP address to be pro200's WAN IP, write the rule allowing that custom service from any source to the destination of your demo server's private IP address. The NAT will be done automatically.

If the IP is a second public IP, related to pro200's WAN subnet, then you need to do a 1:1 NAT entry, and then the rule syntax is actually the same.

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