Router Netgear DG834GT and Outpost firewall?

Hi, I'm sorry my inesperience. I know if a PC has a good router it doesn't need a firewall software. I go to Internet many hours every days and I'd like to know and I'm using Netgear DG834GT firewall:

1) Is it sufficient to active firewall of Windows XP? 2) If it is insufficient, could I use Outpost firewall with Netgear DG834GT router firewall? 2) Do you have any experience with both? 3) How much slow down the Internet surfing? 4) If I will use Outpost, have I to configure the software or is its configuration automatic? 5) I use a very good antivirus, Avira Antivir too: is it important to get a firewal software too?

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I don't have any experience with Netgear DG834GT, but here's my opinion.

Windows XP firewall is ok, but you shouldn't expect too much using it. It's just an addition to the main operating system, with basic features. It's a lot better if you use a third-party hardware or software-based firewall. In fact, you need a firewall if your network or host is accessible from the outside. Firewalls generally do not slow down internet speed, but there are exceptions according to the way you use them.

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Firewalls and AV software address different attack vectors. You should use a firewall if you have open ports on the external interface and can't (or don't want to) close them by disabling the respective services. That is entirely unrelated to using AV software.


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