RDP ending in SYN_RCVD state

Hello Everyone!

The situation:

A: workstation in Company, behind a D-Link firewall, NATed, port 3389 allowed outwards on the firewall for this computer. B: home computer, behind an ADSL router, NATed, port 3389 on the router is forwarded to my computer. C: a web server on the internet, with its own IP number.

All computers are Windows.

So there is NAT on both ends of the line between A and B.

I would like to connect from my Company (A) to my home computer (B) via RDP (Remote Desktop). The connection is never established. When I log into the D-link company firewall, I see that the connection got stucked in a SYN_RCVD state.

I tried to RDP from A to C: SUCCESS, the company firewall let me out. Then, while being in C, I started another RDP within C, to my home computer (B). SUCCESS. So the home network and computer let me in.

Any ideas? I believe I should change something in the company firewall, but I have no idea, what. I can RDP to non-NATed computers, but no go, if the target computer is NAT-ed, even if the other end is configured prolerly.

Thank you for your help in advance. Best regards, Laszlo

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Did you try changing the subnet for your home computer so that it won't fall inside the company network subnet ? Theoretically that shouldn't play a role, but in practice it may be of help and btw this should be rather easy to try (and rollback if needed); alternatively you may setup something like LogMeIn (was Hamachi) on both ends and use it to establish a full tunnel on which you may then use RDP, filesharing and whatever else


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Arne Saknussemm

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