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I can't get MSN Messenger to permit application sharing. I use a LinkSys router. Several people have suggested I need to forward certain ports, but each person lists different ports to forward.

As a test, I pointed DMZ on my router at my machine. As I understand it, DMS opens/forwards all ports. So, that should rule out any port forwarding issue, is that correct?


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jim evans
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Jim, as I understand it yes. The router should forward to your pc in the DMZ all traffic that it does not otherwise have a rule for. This does mean that if you (say) had a rule to forward port 80 (http) to some other pc then your pc in the DMZ wouldn't be forwarded traffic on that port. So if you do want to do a test then make sure you don't have any rules that might be forwarding on the ports you require.

Hope this helps.

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Brian Cryer

That's the worst kind of implementation of a DMZ... forward everything in, and of course forward everything out.

A properly implemented DMZ involves strict restriction of traffic in all directions:

DMZ to Internet (prevent malware from reaching out to bad guys) Internet to DMZ (prevent bad guys from hurting server) DMZ to LAN (prevent malware from reaching in to network) LAN to DMZ (prevent infected pc from hurting server)


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