Ports 2601 & 2601 opened

This morning I scanned my outside IP and found two ports opened that have never been open before. TCP port 2601 and 2602.

Our last scan was Thursday and those ports weren't open then. They have only shown up as of this morning.

They seem to be riscp-client / Zebra and riscp-server / RIPd. The Zebra and RIPd are a Unix BSD server application but I am a Windows box. I can't find any application or process that may be listening on these two ports. I also can't find any information about what app or process might use them.

They don't show up when I scan the inside IP so they must be related to the router or WAN in some way.

Anybody have an idea about these ports and why they might be open?


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go to

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and download it. run under an admin account and you'll find lots of info re the process, dlls loaded.

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Jeff B

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