Engenius drivers cause persistent open ports

I uninstalled a Engenius wifi usb adapter driver pack on a win98SE box,
because I am changing to a wired network.
I see now in my firewall that there are still listening
open ports (from the previously installed engenius software) coming from
application "SYSTEM" for ports 137-139 with an assigned dhcp IP of
How do I get rid of these open listening ports? Setting rules in the
firewall to block them seem to have no effect; neither does disabling
allowing dhcp in the firewall ruleset, the open listening ports still
appear. Did this Engenius driver software, which never worked, modify my
system files, such that I must now do a complete reinstall of windows to
close these open ports that do not seem to be effected by blocking rules
in the firewall set?
Is this not a security hazard and/or will in not interfere with using
other wired network hardware?
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Those ports are Microsoft Windows NetBIOS file and printer sharing, not Engenius.
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John Navas
John Navas wrote in news:RV78g.71639$ snipped-for-privacy@bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net:
If that's the case, why is there an IP assigned? And even if I try to disable p 135-137 in the firewall ruleset, the open ports STILL appear. I think the Engenius drivers may have altered my OS files in some way. There is no Ip assigned under tcp/ip settings either, it only shows as open ports of 169.xx.xx.xxx in the firewall monitor window. They weren't there before the engenius drivers were installed and now I can't get rid of them.
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