port 6112 closed due to security"?

win xp serv pk 2 i have a cable modem and a network everywhere router. i have the settings correct for starcraft to use ports 6112-6119. i tried to play one day and got the message that my packets were not going thru port 6112. i tried turning off windows xp firewall, but it still does not work. i have run spybot and adaware, and have no spyware. i ran my antivirus program and found no viruses. i tried one ot those online websites that checks out your open ports and got the message "p[ort 6112 closed for security rteasons"

what can i do to make starcraft work properly again? it worked fine for awhile and then suddenlyu i get that darn messagfe.,


sorry i do not typoe well

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Is it possible to change the ports Starcraft uses?

By the way, you're the 4th result of 50,300 on Google for "port 6112."

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