Cisco asa 5505 Clientless SSL VPN (WebVPN)

While configuring the ASA for Web-VPN, I got the following "Web-VPN cannot be enabled on an interface that has been configured for HTTPS/ ASDM access on the same port". I would like to still be able to manage the device from the outside via the ASDM. Are there any other options to choose from? Am I amble to choose another port for Web-VPN or HTTPS/ASDM?



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Yes you can.

Changing the asdm port: http server enable your_new_port

Changing the webvpn port: webvpn port your_new_port

see also:

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Robby Cauwerts


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Excellent! It works great. It only took about 5 or 10 min to conf... Thanks again for your help.


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