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I'm not sure what your particular problem is, however, if you don't receive any answers here, you might also try posting here:

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There's also a replacement for the default ruleset in Kerio that might be a little more secure and detailed. Check out BZ's replacement ruleset. BZ frequents that board and can probably help you with it..

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Hi, I've got a newbie question. I can receive email in outlook express with Kerio PF 2.1.5 but cannot send it using default ruleset. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Steve Moulden

Setup a rule to permit SMTP remote port 25, local port [Any port] TCP Outgoing to the address of your SMTP server. Either ask your ISP or log the rule and see what it is. MSIMN.exe is the owner, if you use Outlook Express.

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Alan Illeman

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