Cisco VPN 3005 error

I've got a VPN 3005, using a MS-RADIUS server backend for authentication, Windows XP clients using PPTP. Sessions get established fine and they work without issues - until I need to support someone from the office and remote into their remote laptop to thier dhcp ip address given out by the vpn. It works for a while, then it will kick me out. I just need to be able to stay up so I can fix my clients. Here is the event log from said VPN 3005:

1 06/05/2008 14:30:08.190 SEV=4 PPTP/47 RPT=199 Tunnel to peer established

2 06/05/2008 14:30:09.320 SEV=4 PPTP/42 RPT=197 Session started on tunnel

3 06/05/2008 14:30:18.530 SEV=5 PPP/8 RPT=126 User [DOMAIN\\username] Authenticated successfully with MSCHAP-V2

4 06/05/2008 14:30:22.970 SEV=5 PPP/49 RPT=130 User [DOMAIN\\username] IPCP assigned IP Address

5 06/05/2008 14:30:22.970 SEV=4 AUTH/22 RPT=128 User [DOMAIN\\username] Group [Base Group] connected, Session Type: PPTP

6 06/05/2008 14:32:11.520 SEV=4 IP/5 RPT=120 Client Static ARP delete of failed for Interface 1.

7 06/05/2008 14:32:11.520 SEV=4 AUTH/28 RPT=127 User [DOMAIN\\username] Group [Base Group] disconnected: Session Type: PPTP Duration: 0:01:48 Bytes xmt: 58344 Bytes rcv: 123125 Reason: User Requested

10 06/05/2008 14:32:12.740 SEV=4 PPTP/35 RPT=196 Session closed on tunnel (peer 49152, local 7276, serial

50999), reason: Error (No additional info)

12 06/05/2008 14:32:13.750 SEV=4 PPTP/34 RPT=198 Tunnel to peer closed, reason: None (No additional info)

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