NIS 2005, shame of Norton

Being customer of NAV/NIS for 3 years, and Norton product for more than 10 years, the NIS 2005 finally forced me to drop Norton. Googling the web convienced me that I am not the only one who has problem with the NIS 2005. And I am not an AOL user who can't read manuals. Bye bye Norton!

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I just had a total hard drive failure on my Toshiba notebook and all attempts at data recovery so far have failed... argh!

I've been given lots of different and confusing information as to why this may have happened. A Toshiba service rep *now* tells me that XP SP2 and Norton Internet Security 2005 conflict!

So, now I have a brand new hard drive in my machine (and none of my old data!). Should I re-download NIS 2005? Should I get Zone Alarm or Black Ice as an alternate firewall? And, if I do that, what should I use for anti-virus?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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Try ZoneAlarm basic and Grisoft AVG Free Edition

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link on left side of main page). DISABLE Zone Alarm's e-mail scanning if you install any other AV software.

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Andrew Rossmann

In that case the drive probably had some kind of mechanical or other hardware failure. Hard drives do sometimes fail. That's why you need backups or other methods of dealing with indididual drive failure such RAID.

That's because no-one knows exactly what happened. Did the drive mechanics fail? Did the electronics fail? Or was it just that the drive contents become corrupted to the point where the OS would not boot? It sounds to me like it was a hardware failure but I can't be sure. It may still be possible to recover data but it depends on how much you want to pay for a specialist to try.

Even if they do they cannot cause hardware failure.

I'd turn on the built in firewall if it isn't already on and put this on for anti virus

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I'd configure an alternative to IE such as
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make IE hard to find except for Windows update.

I'd make sure all high priority updates are installed from Windows update. I'd maybe install this

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run it in advanced mode because it provides a convenient grouping of things which may need to be removed which would otherwise require using regedit.

I wouldn't bother with other firewall software but I would advise you to use an external firewall/router instead of running your computer with a public IP address.


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