CLI debugging

I had a TAC engineer show me how to monitor the commands on the CLI
from another VTY session. He was on one VTY typing and I was on the
other watching. He wanted to show me how to do something in real-time
and he told me what I needed to type to make the VTY snooping work. I
want to say it involved debug logging to monitor, terminal monitor, and
debug of something else but I'm not sure. I've googled as best I can
for it but I can't figure out how exactly we did that. I was literally
watching his VTY output (maybe input too). Does anyone have any ideas
how to do this? I can't find my notes anymore. It's been over a year.
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No takers on this one? I know it's a weird one but I figured someone would have come across it at some point. The next time I call TAC I'll ask the engineer if he knows.
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