Skype with Checkpoint Firewall NG FP 3

In our company we rely heavily on skype for our day to day business between our offices in the UK and US.

However our skype file transfers are slow, as they are been relayed.

We have plenty of bandwidth, as we use a 2MB leased line, so it appears to be a problem with our Checkpoint NG FP 3 firewall.

Has anyone suggestions on how to resolve the relaying of file transfers?

What settings are needed within Checkpoint?

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Have you tried a FTP file speed test? Setup a small FTP server at each end, then try moving a file between each side.

Skype is not a direct connection, it's also not a proper way to connect offices.

Why not setup dedicated VPN tunnels between the locations using the firewalls?

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2 MB is hardly plenty of bandwidth any more. Do you have SmartView Monitor? If so, it will tell you what's going on bandwidth-wise.

FP3 is rather ancient. It was replaced by R54 (which had 17 hot fix accumulators), which was replaced by R55 (which also has 17 hot fix accumulators) which was replaced by NGX (which has 3 hot fix accumulators). I think FP3 is up to HFA 327 or so now.

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