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I realise this question gets asked time and time again and I apologise I watch this group with interest in the discussions about pfw's/routers etc etc BUT ;) my small network of a linux webserver,XP home (in the office) w98 (in the workshop)and a diagnostic computer running w98 (also in the workshop) are connecting to the internet via a Netcomm NB5Plus4W router /modem. Do I need to use pfw's on these other machines ? I do know that under the 'advanced' tab of my router configuration it says i can set up NAT there etc but I dont see any headings for this,it does mention NAT with 'port forwarding'.... Port Forwarding Configure Firewall and NAT pass-through to your hosted applications. are these two tied together somehow ? I dont understand NAT (although i know what it stands for) basically just interested in using my router to its maximum potential

Any help/advice/links are greatly appreciated

Regards Geoff

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Provided the internet gateway is properly configured, the only thing they have to fear is each other. If they are usually secure, there is little reason to leave a PFW enabled.

Nevermind the fact that if an attacker could get into one PC, it's typically possible to get into all PCs.

Yes. Plain NAT blocks all inbound access to your network, typically. If you want to run, for instance, a web server, you'll need to allow inbound on the proper ports (in this case, 80 and possibly 443).

It is always a good idea to read up on the technical side, too...


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