Lucent Brick > OpenVPN ?

Hi guys, i'm pulling out my hair in frustration, i can't find anything wich could tell me if OpenVPN will be able to setup a tunnel with the Lucent Brick firewall. I'm hoping anyone could tell me if its posible. Thanks a lot


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Bas Keur
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Are they both compliant with the ipsec RFC's (2401 - 2411)? If so, then they should be able to negotiate Phase 1 (IKE) and Phase 2 (IPSEC) and establish a VPN tunnel. RFC's are standards and firewalls based on these standards can usually inter-operate.

Wayne McGlinn Brisbane, Oz

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Wayne McGlinn

OpenVPN uses a custom protocol. If the firewall does not explicitly say it suports this, it probably doesn't.

Since the first hit on Google went on about VPN capability and then integration with some IPsec client, I'm guessing no.

It should be able to pass the OpenVPN data just fine, though, if this is any consolidation.


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