ISS BlackIce alternative?

Hi all, I'm not wanting any sort of flame war to get started, but I'm wondering what alternatives there are to ISS BlackIce.

Its costly, but so far its served me well. I've had it installed on a server on the Internet for going on 5 years now with no issues.

I was looking at McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for servers and wondering if anyone has compared the two?

Or, could anyone make an alternative recommendation that I could look at?

The one thing I really like about BlackIce is not only is it a firewall, but it inspects requests and automatically blocks exploits on open ports.

Any recommendations are most appreciated.

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Buy a firewall appliance if you want a firewall.

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I have used BlackIce for the last seven years for PC's and mainly on a traveling laptop. I haven't upgraded BlackIce in a couple of years now, mainly because the machines are behind a FW appliance.

I don't need Blackice, except for on this laptop and it's disabled when the machine is behind the FW appliance. I have taken BlackIce out of its auto mode and set specific rules for it on port blocking, when it is in use.

You want to protect a server, then put it behind a low-end FW appliance and forget about using a host based solution to protect the server.

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