Is SocksCap same as tunneling application?

Hi all,

I'm not quite sure if SocksCap is same as tunneling application such as HTTP Proxy or something like that or is it to be used in conjunction with the tunneling software. Could someone clarify, thanks!


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SOCKS can forward general traffic, so it's more than a simple tunnel (it can dynamically add stuff to be forwarded, which most tunnels won't do).

An HTTP proxy is not a tunneling application, though you could use a tunneling application to run a HTTP tunnel over it. (The proxy itself does not build tunnels in the conventional sense of the word, after all.)

I don't know what SocksCap is, sorry!


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It is a small software package that allows non socks capable software to use socks proxies.

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SocksCap? is a non-commercial client for use with any SOCKSv5-compliant server. It is licensed for NON-COMMERCIAL HOME USE ONLY and should not be used by or in any governmental or commercial organization.

SocksCap? automatically enables Windows-based TCP and UDP networking client applications to traverse a SOCKS server. SocksCap intercepts the networking calls from WinSock applications and redirects them through the SOCKS server without modification to the orginal applications or to the operating system software or drivers.

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