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On 4th March 3 pm - 6 pm (IST), I attended hacking workshop by Ankit Fadia. I think he and his books are suited for a 17-18 year old computer freak.

Is there a site offering Fadia's ebooks just as we have Harry Potter ebooks 11 hours after its release.

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Are you praising him or condemning him.

I had some files which he had sent to me when he had come to conduct a workshop in my city, and some of us had submitted Rs

400/- to him for sending that stuff.

I will have to search for it in my dozens of backup cds. But, would you like to have a peek into it?

do share with us if you have some stuff on hacking/ cracking.

(btw, get a sensible alias. The current one appears too phoney and pompous and no one will take your queries seriously.)

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V S Rawat

maybe you can share your stuff with others and thanks for the advice.

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