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I have IIS5.1 installed on my PC to run my personal website. I use ZoneAlarm pro. The problem is that on my internet meter, I see a steady use of downloading (6kb/s) and uploading (2kb/s) since maybe 24 hours or so. When I block internet access with ZA, internet access is stopped for a while then restart within minutes or hour.

Is there a program that can monitor live my internet access (cable-modem) and tell me what program is sucking my bandwidth ? Something like a Task Manager but for internet access ?

Note : I ran Ad-aware Se and except for cookies, it found nothing. NAV2004 found nothing either. (both uptodate ref files)


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Junkyard Engineer
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You can download and install ethereal on your IIS machine

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takes some experience to get all the value out of the program, but you will will be able to see source and destinations of the traffic.

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Don Wright

I use Port Explorer (free) from to show what network connections my computer is actually opening, and what processes are opening them. And Process Explorer (free) from . Provides way more information than Task Manager.

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