How do you know if someone is using your wi-fi router?

Hi group:

I've been using my NetGear WiFi WRG614v4 router now for a couple years and I've never set up any WEP or WPA encription.

Yesterday evening (Monday, Aug 21, 2006), I experienced an odd situation.

I noticed that my NetPerSec Icon in the Notification Area indicated that an unknown Internet signal was downloading into my Compaq R4000 laptop.

I check Task Manager and under the Processes Tab, it indicated that most of the processes were inactive except the System Idle Process.

Still this signal was coming into my PC and I didn't know what it was.

I then visited the NetGear website for setting up the router and it was there that I was able to see that a outside computer was logged into my router.

Fearing that that computer may have been sending my computer some unrequested software, etc,, I turned off the power on the router.

This, of course, stopped the incoming Internet signal.

I now have set up WPA encription on my router and I suspect that this will stop most third-party users from using my Wi-Fi router.

Is there a software utility program (besides visiting the NetGear website) that will tell me if a third-party is using my router, encription or not?

I look forward to your comments.

Regards, Al Gershen Grants Pass, OR

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On 22 Aug 2006 09:24:03 -0700, "gassyal" wrote in :

WPA with a strong passphrase _will_ stop anyone from using your wireless.

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John Navas

It would seem that you have solved your problem, with wpa encryption, it might be a good idea to scan your computer for spyware, and viri. Some routers allow logs, and this might be one of the options. But since you enabled wpa this will probably only show your network.

You could also use third party software, to report any phone home type of activites, after all you would not want your computer to be part of a bot net, or spam ring. But since you looked at your system processes you should be fine.


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You already have some tools that you could've used.

If someone was connecting through your router, NetPerSec wouldn't show any activity unless they were also playing with your computer.

When NetPerSec started looking suspicious, you could've just opened a dos box and done a quick and dirty 'netstat -a' to see what was actually going on. It could've just been something beneign like an auto-update, or someone playing around -- locally connected or from WAN.

If you saw a suspcious local activity above, then check your router's logs for suspicious connections.

It was more than likely something beneign, but enabling your WPA should calm your paranoia. The only reason any home network should be unencrypted, (or non-VPN'd), is if you want to share your pipe -- and even then, you should have a captive portal out in front.

Have fun, Eric

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