ftp behind nat

Does 2 nat's give problem for ftp?

the situation is like this:

internet (external ip) | router/firewall who does nat (10.x.x.x) | windows server with ftp

but the windows server does internet connection sharing for the other interface (192.168.x.x). With ICS the server also put's itself behind the nat AFAIK.

So that makes that the ftp server is first behind the ICS and then behind the nat of the router/firewall.

From the 10.x.x.x network I can use the ftp in both active as passive ftp modus, so the ICS seems to work. From the internet only active mode, passive doesn't work. So is this only a problem of the configuration of the firewall/router or because there is twice nat? The ip ranges are different like you see.

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read up on the PROXY command

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