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looking for a great FREE Firewall = not zoneAlarm thanks

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This works ok:

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Post that Q in alt.comp.freeware for many responses.


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Iptables and a bit of bash. Works great, less filling...

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Jerry McBride

I made a posting about it in this group on July 29th, but to summarize it:

When I tried it back then, it would tell me nonsense like:

" is trying to connect to the internet on remote IP"


" is trying to connect to the internet on remote IP

192.168.x.x port 53"

Furthermore the socalled "security considerations" - even though I admire the attempt to provide a lot of information to base a descision on - simply provide useless information for anyone except a technically skilled person with good knowledge about the ins and outs of windows. The pop-ups I got, running it on a clean machine, was overwhelming - I question how many would have been able to make the right descisions if malware had been present on the machine also - that is, if comodo would notice those, of course.

Comodo firewall is definately not for novices.

BTW, I know that my comment was a little harsh, but I don't like when people just throw in a link to a product providing no other arguments than "this works okay". That seems more like advertising to me.

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