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How can I flush (or delete all) the iptables settings? Or just shutdown firewall? I would like to test the firewall with no "restrictions" at all.

I have tried with 'iptables --flush' but it did not seem to work.

The firewall is a dedicated, firewallserver running Fedora Core 1, using iptables.

Regards Jan

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May I recommend:

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which is part of the IPTables tutorial by Oskar Andreasson:
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FW=/sbin/iptables echo -n "Shutting firewall: " # Flush firewall $FW -F ## Flush Built-in Rules $FW -F INPUT $FW -F OUTPUT $FW -F FORWARD # Delete custom chains $FW -X ### Default policies $FW -P INPUT ACCEPT $FW -P OUTPUT ACCEPT $FW -P FORWARD ACCEPT echo done

Bumma. :)


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