Cable modem and ARP tables for device beyond a Brick firewall

Hi everyone, Both my boss and I are a bit puzzled with this situation, I can't see devices that created by a Lucent Brick firewall. We have a couple of different Brick, an 80 and a 350 running version 9.2 of the OS. By the way, I really don't know much about the Brick.

We are moving away from a T1 connection from a remote office to a cable line. Right now we have a Brick 350 in NJ and a Brick 80 in FL and a site-to-site VPN between the 2. Works fine. Now we added a cable line with the modem running in bridge mode and have another Brick 80 there to replicate the setup up. The problem is the cable modem can't see any interfaces created by the Brick, like the tunnel end points for the VPN connection. If we try to ping that interface we don't even see dropped/denied connections at the Brick. It is like the traffic doesn't even exist. We don't have access to the cable modem so we can't even see anything there.

One way we solved that temporarily was to connect a "dummy computer" to a Brick interface and assign it the IP address of the tunnel end point created by Brick and then changing the Brick configuration to pass the traffic to the correct interface. Odd, yes, but works. If we turn off that device, we are toast.

I suspect this has something to do with MAC addresses and ARP tables at the Brick level, but I don't know even where to begin. My boss is also puzzled and he has been dealing with the Brick for a number of years.

Any thoughts? Any pointers would really help us out. Hope to hear from the group.

Thanks a lot everyone!!

My best,


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