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I have a wireless Internet camera. (WVC54G) It is able to stream video / audio to 4 users at a time via a local network or the Internet. My question is do multiple users on the Internet effect the throughput from the camera to the end user? Because it's one real time stream going up... does it matter if one, two , three or four users are downloading this stream? Then to make the question more complicated (maybe not) ... if a user on the local G network is downloading the stream... would that effect the Internet throughput?

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I cant speak for whomever made that camera but all of the network cams I've worked with will adjust frame rate or compression depending on number of active connections. Your www users all will have to share the upload speed you pay for and it;s not just one stream its multiple streams from the camera to each connection .

You might ask yourself; What's your total upload speed to the www. What is your download speed of just your one lan connection from the camera.

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So it's multiple streams from the camera. That answers my question. Thanks.

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