OTDR trace algorithm

Hi all, can Anybody give ideas or suggestions to develop algorithm to stitch various traces obtained in OTDR for different gain values and obtain good dynamic range.

is it like analyse each trace for various events and compare all trace events and stitch data.

looking for suggestions

regards Ramnath

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Hello Ramnath,

I am affraid you are willing to re-invent the wheel. On the market today, there plenty (well, say 5 or 6) of efficient software solutions, from the various OTDR manufacturers. Acterna, EXFO, NetTest, Sunrise, Agilent : they all provide both firmware and software with such of capabilities. Even newcomers like Fluke have good-enough software. What is your application ? What is your objective ?

You want to build a killer-app ? Then, look at all existing solutions, talk with the end-users, find out THE key differentiator (or THE missing link), patent it, and develop your own stuff that you will license to the manufacturers.

ps : you write " obtain good dynamic range" : are you looking after the OTDR hardware itself, or the PC-based application software ? If the first, I understand you want to achieve the best dynamic range; if the latest, then I am confused : how could you improve the dynamic range AFTER the data acquisition with the OTDR ?

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HTH, _Marc

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