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Sorry if this is off-topic somewhat, but I couldn't find a specific group.

I have no optical sciences experience, but am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I want to mount a 1/32nd DIN temperature indicator (face about 1.5" wide X .75" high) below a machine to protect it from damage from moisture. I'd like the machine operator to be able to view the indicator, so the image would need to be bent basically 90 degrees without inverting or reversing it. I would also need the viewing angle to actually be 70 to 90 degrees (so that the eyes/head would not be restrained to one position or location).

From my research online, it looks like a littrow prism would do this, but would need to have a coated surface on the "bottom" plane.

This doesn't need to be high-quality, or extremely durable, so it could be made from acrylic.

Is this the most efficient way to do this and still just have one component accomplishing the task? Any experience with how much something like this would/should cost?

Thanks for any suggestions


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Two mirrors would do it. (I think by 'Littrow prism' you actually mean a pentaprism, as used in SLR cameras--that's just a particular arrangement of two mirrors, formed on the faces of a prism.)


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