Which router for vlan - vlan to internet

We have a network topology (virtually fixed in design by the end-user) consisting of 4 subnets on 4 VLAN's using some cisco switches.

We have added a router/internet gateway to give us remote access via internet to one of our VLAN's.

We would now like to extend this to give us access to all 4 VLAN's.

Would a 5 ethernet port router do the job,with a link from each of the VLAN segments to ports 1 - 4 & then the 5th to our router/internet gateway

and can anyone suggest a product ?

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B Moor
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If your internet router supports VLANs using 802.1Q, then configure it up as a router.

You need to be careful that you dont: break security if the customer doesnt route between VLANs carry all the inter VLAN traffic if they do route.

a more important Q may be - why not use their inter VLAN connections?

very messy, and you should only need 1 box.

a reasonable router should be able to do this

if there is little traffic then maybe a cisco 17xx with the right WAN interface, VPN accelerator if you need it and IOS plus to allow 802.1q subinterfaces to route between VLANs?

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A trunk Ethernet interface to one of the cisco switches which would also do. Then configure subinterfaces on the Ethernet interface.

As you didn't specify the other interface(s) it's hard to recommend something.


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Arnold Nipper

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