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I currently have in a network a Linux box acting as router. This box as acts an interVLAN router that connects 3 VLANs and provides DHCP to each VLAN. A fourth interface is connected to a Cisco 805 that does the NAT for each of the VLANs access the internet.

I now want to replace this linux box with a dedicated router, which can have ate least 4 interfaces and can also provide DHPC to each one.

It doesn't have to support VLANs, as VLANs are handled by a 3COM 3300 Switch I just want a router with can router between the 3 vlans and the internet router.

I was looking as the CISCO 2801 Integrated services router. Does It do what I need? Can anyone suggest a 3Com ou Cisco model for the job?

Kind Regards Hangas

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