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We have a site with that has 2 VLAN's. At this site there is a vendor application server in VLAN A. In VLAN B there is vendor application client (I cannot put them on the same VLAN). I am being told by me vendor that in order for the server to communicate with the client for certain things the server broadcasts traffic for a specific UDP port and the client needs to be able to see it. Currently the client cannot because of course it is in a separate broadcast domain. My question is is there a way to route specific types of broadcast traffic across VLAN's? I know I have used helper address for DHCP, could I somehow utilize those? Currently the devices are connected to HP Procurve 4100 switches with a cisco wireless bridge between the server and client. Any ideas?

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Questions about IP forwarding should go to comp.protocols.tcp-ip.

The point of being in separate VLANs is to separate broadcast domains, yet you want the broadcast to go through, anyway. Most obvious to me, and still an ethernet question, is to create a third VLAN just for that purpose.

Otherwise, if you can select the port you might be able to do it through DHCP (actually, BOOTP) forwarding, though that is complicated by the VLANs and that you might want to run DHCP (BOOTP) on the VLANs. There are tricks with broadcast addresses that people like to play, and that work with some systems, but they are non-standard, don't always work, and I don't like to suggest them.

-- glen

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glen herrmannsfeldt

If the server is using broadcasts to speak to the client then it expects the client to be in the same broadcast domain. Why can't you move the client to the same vlan as the server?

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