SHDSL 4.6 {4wire} modem set for sale $600 for the set

I have two SHDSL 4wire 4.6Mb/s MODEMS for sale.

I am asking $600 US for the pair.

The kits have wires and cables and manuals and cdroms and I have extensive support knowlege as well on these items. One of the two is a CO mode so with the pair, you can bridge over the 22500 ft at full symetrical rates approaching 4600Kb/s. Over plain 4 wires, which connect to on RJ11 jack. The modem pair runs two or four pairs automatically and seamlessly. Either modem have a small HUB, not a switch, with collision type connections, so we always used them with just one port. The have WEB browser setup, and I set the pair to and .2 for simplicity. They use the ATM things to push IP along, and they have some route capability, but we just used them as ethernet extension in campus enivronments. Simple, effective, quick to sync up, no fans, built in AC/no bricks, flat 1.75" high with feet, they dont overheat, newer 10/100 dual activity LEDs on all 4 ports, MDIMDI-X. Lots of diagnostics via the serial CLI port. (I think), made by TelMax (very similar to xTreme5100). I have one picture link here

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connect these modems over dry pairs, not normal POTS, and while they work fully with Alcatel DSLAMs 7xxx, I am selling the pair as ethernet extension bridges asking $600 US for the pair only, and I can provide DOA warranty but shipping and insurance is extra/negotiable. In 2001 the early non-route models were $699 US MSRP each.

you can either email me at

r a d c o m t e c h (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m [yes you will have to manually put the address together unless you are spammers 'bot in which case -go away]

or call me John 613-224-2922 at night and leave a message

BTW; you can drop the G. part from SHDSL, G.991 is ratified/its not a draft anymore.

I also have 2.3Mb/s modems as well; they are $200 US each, DOA warranty only and shipping is not included

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