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We have a school scenario with two servers with dual port network cards. Hence there are four CAT6 wires from the servers to the classroom network distribution closet.

We have 11 classrooms where we plan 100MBit/s switches with gigabit uplink ports wired to the classroom network distribution closet.

There is also an internet connection wired to the classroom network distribution closet.

We want (of course ;-) as high bandwidth as possible from the classrooms to the servers. Also we NEED to be able to switch on / off the internet connection to each classroom individually.

Would, say, a Linksys SRW2016 in the classroom network distribution closet, be a good solution to connect the classroom switches to the servers? How would this switch handle the server's dual port NIC load balancing?

We need to 'manage' internet access to each classrom. Say we plug in the internet connection into this switch's port 16. Can we then programmatically 'merge' port 16 (internet) with any of the other ports? (Say we want port 16 connected to port 1..6 but not connected to 7..15). How would this be possible?

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depends. How is the dual nic doing the load balancing? What standard does it use? does it use 802.3ad, or what? The siwitch you mention does not support link aggregation, so it can't natively talk to something doing 802.3ad, for instance.

with VLANS.

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Will check the loadbalancing details tomorrow. As this switch does not support link aggregation, how does it perform with two parallel connections to each server. Will we be better of with just one connection?

Where do I find practical examples on the net on how to configure VLANs on linksys routers?



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I doubt they are out there. You should start with general lessons on VPN's. I highly recommend you purchase and read _The_Switch_Book_ by Rich Seifert. It explains VLAN concepts in depth. Once you understand the theory, you can pretty much figure out how to configure vlans on any switch.

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