Password for ancient ATI FX612TX hub

Somehow there's gotta be a way to reset the box to factory settings, which should include a null password. Lots of Luck.

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Al Dykes
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Did you try the Allied Telesyn US site?

The docs for the FH612TX are on . Pick "support" and then down toward the bottom "legacy/special order", then under "Product Type" pick "hubs" and under "Product Name" pick "AT-FH612TXS". There's a user guide and an installation guide, the user guide tells how to do a reset and what the default login and password are (once you see them you'll probably wonder why you didn't try them).

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J. Clarke

I am starting to do some traffic analysis on our network and needed to find an true ethernet 100B-TX hub. Fortunately, pawing around in our boneyard, I found a new-still-in-the-box Allied Telesyn FH612TX hub. A bit big, but perfect for my needs.

This is a managable hub. With much button pushing on a terminal attached to its console port I was able to get a IP address set on it. I can SNMP walk the mib as well as telnet to it.

However, there was no documentation in the box. I suspect that there are some more configuation options once I can get logged into it, but I have no idea what its console or telnet password is. Googling for default passwords gave me several suggestions (mostly "manager" and "friend") but none of them work.

Anybody have personal knowledge of this box and might know what the out of the box password is? Barring that, I suspect what I want is in a user manual at:

formatting link

But I don't read japanese and using the google translate feature won't work because its in PDF format.

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Frank Stutzman


I'm self administering a dope slap for this one. I did go to their web site, but failed to see the US site on the left hand side. I wandered through the UK site, but didn't find what I wanted.

Again, thanks.

-- Frank Stutzman

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