Files on a Two Comp Network

Old Comp. - WinME New Comp - WinXP
I have connected a new comp. to a previous comp. with the intention of
getting files into the new comp. as required.
Under the network, A SHARED DOCUMENTS folder has appeared on both
machines plus a MY Docs on the new.
When I try to access the My Docs on the New Machine I am asked for a
During the set up procedure - which I have done three or four times! -
I do not get any request or opportunity to create a password.
If I copy a folder structure to the shared folder on the old machine I
can open them with whatever prog. I am running on the new machine and
vice versa.
Is this normal? Copying the files to the shared folder is not much
more effieient than copying them to a CD.
Any advice would be much appreciated
Jeff Milan
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Edward Milan
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You might try posting in a more suitable group. Your question has absolutely nothing to do with ethernet.
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